Friday, October 24, 2008

Some things just never change ...

A few weeks ago, me and friends were roaming around in the city on a very nice and sunny Sunday. San Francisco is a very diverse and "happening" city .. so we were sure we would come across some weekend craziness for sure! We took our first stop at a "Big Book Sale" where all the books (old and new) were being sold for just $1 each !!! After book shopping, we came across a music festival very close to the book sale place. Since it was barricaded and sort-of enclosed, we were sure it would not be a free event(unlike plenty other free events that happen all over the city). One of my friends decided to check with the guard at the event of the details, and she told him the event cost $40 for entry and that we were standing at the EXIT! We would have to go all the way around to the other side of the HUGE park to get to the actual entrance. While we had no intentions to attend this event, we just stood there deciding our next course of action. The guard might have thought that we were fretting over the entry free and offered to "sneak" us in from the exit itself if we paid "her" $20 per person. Like I mentioned before, we were really not looking forward to this event, so did not take up her offer. For fun, my friend decided to "haggle" with her. And she was actually ready to sneak us in for "$10" per person!!!

So, no matter where in the world you are, be it a developing nation or a world leader .. .some things just never change. Its all about money, honey!

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Dhawal said...

Well Di!! ye wala achha laga, i would love to experience this once myself